Massage Therapy

"Sabrina is one of, if not the best, deep tissue massage therapists in Austin." EAD

"She has a keen understanding of the body and is able to work through some the the most troubling issues of active athletes.  She is a part of my long term injury prevention plan and has an innate ability to understand the balance of results with an understanding of each person's tolerance point.  I'm deeply appreciative of everything she has done to help keep me on the tennis court!" EAD​

"I have been to several massage therapists in Austin over the last 20 years. I started going to Sabrina 4 years ago and simply put, she is the best!  Sabrina is a caring professional that has a passion for helping her clients. Her efforts and techniques have helped relieve pain and increase flexibility. I gladly give her my strongest recommendation." Chris M.

​"I loved having the opportunity to benefit from prenatal massage by Sabrina.  Her knowledge and expertise made me feel comfortable in receiving bodywork throughout my pregnancy.  I noticed immense improvement in my sleep as well as my flexibility and general all-over physical comfort.  My sessions with her were a joy and a definite necessity during my pregnancy." Jessi B.

​"I started having Sabrina do body work on me since the early 2000's when she worked at Pure Austin and was sold on her ability to help me since then.  I continue to be a regular customer and have weekly sessions to help me make it through the marathons and triathlons that I continue to enjoy.  I am now aware that her help has prevented countless injuries that my self massage and yoga just couldn't address." Patti R.

Sabrina Reddington,LMT,cct