Sabrina Reddington,LMT,cct


Sabrina grew up in Austin, Texas and has been practicing massage here since 2000.

Massage Therapy

After working at Dell for several years she began to notice that sitting for long periods of time can create chronic pain and discomfort.  This was the catalyst for pursuing her initial massage training at A New Beginning School of Massage in 2000. It was there Sabina found a passion for deep tissue and sports massage. After successfully completing advanced techniques for the upper and lower body in 2001 she was well equipped to help address repetitive use injuries as well as chronic pain issues.  This has become the driving force in her practice.

After being pregnant with her first child, Sabrina decided there was a need for experienced body work for the mothers-to-be.  She soon completed her certification for Pregnancy and Postpartum Massage Therapy in 2003 and was invited back in 2005 to help instruct and observe the class.

Sabrina's continuing additional education in Sports Massage and Stretching was prompted by her desire to work with athletes.  This has allowed her to help correct and maintain her client's agility and longevity in their chosen sport.

She has taken her education one step further, with a certification in Active Release Technique (ART) Upper Extremity in May of 2011 and Active Release Technique (ART) Lower Extremity in May 2013 Sabrina enjoys using ART and massage therapy to treat varying types of clients and issues and welcomes new clients.